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Sandwich platters

Sandwich platter delivery is a leading party meeting and office catering company specialising in food platters sandwich platters, lunch delivery services to London and Surrey

Hungry But No Time to Prepare Lunch


With our busy lifestyle, we are constantly in a time crunch. Whether you are at the office in London finishing up a meeting, or at home preparing for a special occasion, you can depend on Sandwich Company to make and deliver your lunch on time. This catering company has so many selections and sizes to meet all needs.

Sandwich Shop Selections


The variety of sandwich types is immense. Let’s start with the bread selection. Do you like regular bread, bagels, or whole wheat? All of these are available. And the toppings are divine!


Select from


  • chicken,
  • meat – a selection of cheddar and gherkins/ Chicken mayo & sweetcorn / Smoked ham with mature cheddar cheese and english mustard,
  • cheese,
  • seafood,
  • vegetarian.


If there is a concern about allergies, just inform us, and we will make the adjustments for you.



There are 15 different selections to suit all tastes. Mix and match to accommodate your guest’s requests. The selection stretch from soda drinks to juice to water and even includes protein drinks.



But the offering doesn’t stop at sandwiches. Some of your guests may prefer a salad instead of a  or in addition to a sandwich. You have 6 delicious combinations from our selection.


  • For the pasta lover, there is tuna mayo sweet corn with pasta salad.
  • For a lighter offering, we offer a fruit salad.
  • And mixed with various greens is the ham salad, Greek salad, and the mozzarella salad.


Of course, the dressings are included. These salads are packaged individually. You may prefer the seasonal fruit salad platter that will serve 6.



And don’t forget the choice of 11 snacks. The selection will satisfy those who like to graze throughout the lunchtime. Some are served as a platter. Others are individually wrapped.


  • For the platter, you will enjoy crisps including with houmus and taramasalata dip and a selection of nuts that includes walnut, pistachio, almond, and cashew;  both platters serve between 6 to 8 people.
  • Individually there is a mixture of sweet and salty: 3 types of crisps, pretzels, nutbar, cereal bar and flapjack bar.
  • Or you can order a platter of mixed cookies, breakfast pastry platter, cake slices, a selection of blueberry and chocolate muffins, flapjacks or a fruit basket.

Individual Choices of Sandwiches


And if you are ordering for only a few friends the individually wrapped sandwiches are most likely a more suitable choice. There is the


  • BLT otherwise know as bacon, lettuce and tomato,
  • New York sandwich,
  • chicken mayo sweet corn sandwich,
  • egg mayo sandwich with watercress,
  • tuna mayo sweet corn,
  • ham sandwich,
  • smoked salmon with cream,
  • creamed cheese with sun-dried tomato.


And if one of your group is vegetarian, don’t hesitate to request an individually wrapped sandwich for them. The staff will take care of the dressing to accommodate individual requests for alterations.

So don’t hesitate to satisfy those hunger pains, by ordering through Sandwich Platter Box Lunch for an answer to the office offering or a special occasion. They will deliver right to your location with the fresh food and all of the materials you will need to serve your guests. By the way, service is available at different times in the day, not just lunch.