Why Delivery?   You have been planning your celebration, office lunch or special occasion for at least a month. As the time approaches you begin to realize the logistics involved. How will it be possible to pick up the food and drinks amidst all of the hustle and bustle of the day? Don’t worry. Sandwich Platter Box Lunch has you covered. We deliver. If your order is 30 or over, the delivery is free. In fact, we have 3 easy steps to delivery. And the first may be the most difficult as you need to select what you would like to serve.   Delivery In  3 Easy Steps   No matter where you are in London or Surrey you can have sandwich platters, salads, drinks and snacks delivered to your location promptly.   Step 1) Decide What You Want   Take a look at our website to make your choices from our delicious menu items.  
  • Variety of Sandwich Platters – Our sandwiches are made with regular bread, whole wheat or bagels with the following fillings: veggie, assorted meats, chicken, cheese, and seafood. Or you can order some sandwiches that are individually wrapped for those of your guests who have refined tastes.
  • Drinks – For drinks, you can order from 15 different types of sodas to water to juices.
  • Salads  – And there are a variety of salads including pasta with tuna and sweet corn, fruit salad and various greens with ham salad, Greek salad, and mozzarella salad.
  • Snacks – Select from our 11 types including crisps with houmous and taramasalata dip, selection of nuts with pistachio, cashew and walnuts, several muffins and cookies and more. We even have a fruit basket.
  • Muffins – Our delicious muffins come in two flavors: blueberry and chocolate.
  • Sweet Platters and Pasteries – Mixed cookies are always a favorite. Our pastries are always fresh and varied. Or perhaps you fancy packaged treats such a flapjacks.
  Step 2) ORDER   Then contact us to order your selections 36 hours before you require the food. The minimum order is 30 for free delivery.   If you need the order the same day, you need to give us a call at 0208 940 7529  to discuss the details.   You will need the correct address including the postal code of the delivery location, and a number where we can reach you if there are any difficulties.   Step 3) Make Payment   You can arrange payment through Paypal, credit card, debit card or electronic bank transfer.  

Contact Information:

  Call at 0208 940 7529 Email at orders@sandwichplatterdelivery.co.uk We will email your invoice to you once your order has been delivered.   Delivery   You can expect that we will deliver on time. All the items will be just as you ordered. Included in our package are all of the fixings such as cutlery (if needed), serviettes, and plates.   Cancellation Policy   Once the order has been made, cancellation is not possible as the process has been put in place to make and deliver your order.   Recommendations   On our website, you can view what our past customers have said. Not only are there compliments about our food, but there are also praises for the ease of ordering, and delivery on time.