Sandwich Platters Dilemma – The Top 7 Alternatives

With all of the sandwich shops available, how do I select the one that is within my budget, provides nutritious food and has the variety my family demands? And I need it delivered to my door on time.! Are these your thoughts when you are trying to plan a family get together, a special occasion lunch or a business lunch? Each sandwich shop has its own specialties, prices, and selections. But only a few stand out to satisfy all of your needs.

1) Subway Sandwich Platters

Many business meetings offer Subway sandwich platters for an office lunch. The variety of sandwich types and drinks are adequate but the choices of bread and sides are somewhat limited. If you like your sandwich on a bun instead of slices of bread, you will be satisfied with the sandwich platter. The selection of sides consists of crisps, cookies, muffins, and salads.

2) Tesco Sandwich Platters

Tesco sandwich platters is another favourite for party platters. There are a great variety of sandwiches, drink selections, snacks, and cakes but one wonders how personalized the service can be from a major grocery store? Delivery can be arranged. The charge ranges from £3.49 to £7.99 depending on whether you have a contract or not. Of course, you can always pick up the sandwich platter, but sometimes that can be awkward.

3) M&S Sandwich Platters

Marks Spencer sandwich platters are very popular too. There is a wide variety of sandwiches available with the fillings on bread, buns, and wraps. There is even a puzzle sandwich platter for children’s parties and noughts and crosses sandwich tray for special occasions. The sides are numerous and so is the drink selection. Delivery is availablese but the order needs to be made two days prior before 4 pm.

4) Morrissons Sandwich Platters

If you are looking for a variety of sandwiches, Morrisions Sandwich Platters are somewhat limited. There are create your own sandwich platters, sausage rolls platter and baguettes, veggie wrap platter, afternoon tea platter and kids finger sandwiches. But the snacks are numerous from ones you serve cold to meat pies and other savories that are best served hot. Delivery is available.

5) Pret Sandwich Platters

The website is precise for determining any allergens. Each platter has the substances that could be an issue listed. The sandwich platters are organized as many different varieties for 6 to 8 people. The bread and spreads sound mouthwatering but with only a few photos it is difficult to make choices. Delivery is free if the order is over £30

6) Sainsbury Sandwich Platters

A wide variety of bread choices graces the Sainsbury sandwich platters. The fillings have many delightful combinations ranging from seafood to vegetarian fare, to traditional meats. The sides have been selected for their nutritional value and include sushi, fresh veggies, pork and egg pie with all of the British specialties. You can choose a memorable office platter.

7) Sandwich Platters Box Lunch

This company makes a promise about the freshness and the quality of its ingredients. Their breads are varied with many delicious fillings including meats, seafood, salad (for vegetarian guests), cheeses halal meats, and sweets such as jam and Nutella. The snacks provide nutritious alternatives: fruit platter, a fruit basket and a selection of nuts that includes walnut, pistachio, almond, and cashew. But there are also some more decadent choices: mixed cookies, breakfast pastry platter, cake slices, a selection of blueberry and chocolate muffins, flapjacks. If you have any issues such as allergies, there is an invitation on the website to please make special requests. Delivery is available and free on orders over £150.

You now have an overview to help you select the sandwich platter establishment that suits your needs. So the next time you are looking for a party or office platter, consider these differences to meet your needs.

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